1080p Christmas party

with The Courtneys, Watermelon, Gal Gracen
December 12 @ The ANZA Club

The Courtneys || Photo by Shane Burzynski

The Courtneys || Photo by Shane Burzynski

Going by the billing for December 12′s Gal Gracen/Watermelon/Courtneys Christmas-themed triple feature at the ANZA Club on certain event listings, one might be forgiven for thinking there’s a bit of name dropping gone awry. Read More »


White Lung

with Mormon Crosses and Flowers & Fire
Dec 5 @ Electric Owl

The day has come. Yes, rue on you, White Lung, and all Vancouver buzz-bands, for returning to The City of No Fun. Prepare for your utmost devastation at the hands of a college radio magazine.

If the rise to indie fame must be accompanied by the snark of hometown contrarians, it’s a small price to pay. And notwithstanding my mixed feelings on Deep Fantasy, White Lung deserve their rising star. While possibly the least weird of their local contemporaries, the band’s effortlessly powerful presence and manic anthems make them vital. And as their show proved, people are paying attention. Read More »


with Sumac and Balance
December 4 @ The Rickshaw Theatre

Before the dregs had settled, the fog had faded, and the last of the footsteps had clicked quietly out through the double doors and into the rain, the Rickshaw Theatre and all those who had attended were treated to something formidable on what seemed like just another Thursday night.
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with Absolutely Free
December 3 @ The Biltmore

Alvvways || photo by Anita Binder

Alvvways || photo by Anita Binder

It’s a novelty to walk into a bar and be greeted by a mounted deer head — but novelty and kitsch are something of a decorative theme at the Biltmore, where the walls ooze eclecticism and rockabilly camp. The Biltmore is known for hosting dynamic Canadian talent and on the chilly night of Wednesday, December 3 two rising names in the Toronto music scene were here to perform, both playing in Vancouver for the very first time. Read More »

Kim Gray

Backseat Bingo (Resurrection Records)


Trevor Kim Gray, the lead singer/guitarist of Vancouver trio Skinny Kids, has gone solo with his debut EP, Backseat Bingo. Backseat Bingo mellows out his band’s surf-rock stomping, but keeps the reverb-heavy production intact.

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Ryan Hemsworth

Alone For the First Time (Last Gang)


No stranger to Canada’s electronic music scene, Ryan Hemsworth combines a variety of different sampling techniques and melodies on his new album, Alone For The First Time. As suggested by its title, Alone is comprised of somber tones, with lyrics characterized by love and loneliness. But unlike past albums released by Hemsworth, Alone dives into great lyrical depth.

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Skinny Kids

Strangers (Kingfisher Bluez)


There is much to like about Skinny Kids’ new EP, Strangers. From its nostalgic hat tip to ‘60s psychedelia to the Marc Bolan-esque drawl of lead singer, Trevor Gray, the EP echoes an age of kaleidoscopes, hallucinogens, flower power, and white go-go boots.

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Electric Youth

Innerworld (Last Gang)


A whole new breed of sound is generated on Innerworld, the debut album from Toronto band Electric Youth. An album synthesized unlike any other, Innerworld is caught in liminality between the present and the future. Electric Youth, comprised of long-time duo Austin Garrick and Bronwyn Griffin, have written a perfectly orchestrated concoction of electro-pop songs that embody the free-spirited and youth-driven culture of today.

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Thee Manipulators

Simian Again (Neptoon Records)


Hot on the heels of two reunion shows —one opening for ‘60s garage rock icons The Sonics —esteemed Vancouver group Thee Manipulators have released their final seven-inch. Recorded just before the band called it quits a few years ago, the three songs that make up Simian Again capture the true essence of Thee Manipulators.

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A Procession of Dreams (Emblem Records)

corsageFor Corsage fans, this latest album is a must-have; for those of you new to the monumental Vancouver band, I envy the discovery you are about to make. A collaboration between Phil Smith, Bill Napier-Hemy, and their talented friends, Corsage has been an ongoing project since 1981.

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