Outside Dog

with Summering
July 25 @ Eagle Time Recording

It’s not often you get to experience a live show so bizarre in its entrapment as to be ridiculous to describe to others, but on this hot summer evening that’s exactly what occurred. The second event in a series of shows where the bands are recorded live and then pressed to a split LP featured folk-rock quintet Summering and the psych-grunge stylings of Outside Dog. As perhaps one of the most professional BYOB shows of the season, the underground venue known only as Eagle Time Recording—or, “that place with the eagle mural above the door”—was one of the kindest hosts I’ve come across in a long time, even if they did borrow a bouncer from a local strip club to run the door.

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“It’s like drinking really strong tequila instead of a 12-pack of Bud Light. Some of the shorter songs actually started out longer, it was just as we were writing them we decided that we didn’t need to do certain parts three times if we could just do them twice.”

B-Lines || photo by Jon Vincent

B-Lines || photo by Jon Vincent

“We’ve learned nothing about anything, and we’ve forgotten most of what we knew.”

Drummer Bruce Dyck may be quick to crack wise about the five years between B-Lines’ releases, but his witticism couldn’t be farther from the truth.

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Khatsahlano Street Party

July 12 @ West 4th Ave, Vancouver

Poppy Family Experience || photo by Missy Martin

The Poppy Family Experience || photo by Missy Martin

“It feels good to be back,” Susan Jacks smiled at the thick crowd. The lead vocalist for the Poppy Family, Vancouver’s own music royalty from the late ‘60s and ‘70s, was addressing the jam packed audience that had formed for one of the most anticipated performances of this year’s Khatsahlano Street Party.

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Sprïng + Synthcake

Real Live Review by Jonathan Kew

The Biltmore on Monday: the occasion being Jo Hirabayashi of Sprïng’s birthday; the celebration being a full cover of Paul and Linda McCartney’s Ram, their latest in a series of birthday “cover spectacles” from the Thor’s Palace circle. That a group of talented and passionate artists who live music manage to do credit to the McCartneys’ is a summary conclusion. So instead, here are some paragraphs about seminal ‘80s arena act, Classic Rick.

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Discorder Staff Sound-Off

Quintessential Road Trip Albums

wetsuit || illustrated by Kim Pringle

wetsuit || illustrated by Kim Pringle

It’s officially summer. Sunscreen, watermelon, beaches, yada yada yada. Let’s skip to one of the most fun parts of this sun-soaked season: cramming as many friends as there are seatbelts into a vehicle, packing a cooler to the brim with beer/snacks, and hitting the road for whatever festival or body of water is closest. There’s a reason the livin’s easy in the summertime and road trips are a major part of it.

While a solid crew and road trip games will help get you from point A to B, it’s a solid travelcase of CDs that will keep everyone’s spirits high. That’s why we decided to ask the boys and girls of Discorder: what is your quintessential road trip album?

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with Weird Candle
July 6 @ Electric Owl

zoo || photo by the author

//zoo || photo by the author

On July 6, a modest sized crowd of Vancouverites experienced the Electric Owl’s latest weekly event, Under the Spell Sundays. For the night’s maiden voyage, local flavours Weird Candle and //zoo were were on the lineup.

Few arrived before Weird Candle’s 11 p.m. set, which was preceded by an unobtrusive but enjoyable DJ. Under the Spell Sundays aims to deliver live music to fit a range of musical tastes—from dark ambient to death metal—so the audience seemed prepared for anything.

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with N.213's Group Vision & Gretchen Snakes
July 6 @ Horses Records

Gretchen Snakes || photo by Marcin Lasinski

Gretchen Snakes || photo by Marcin Lasinski

Horses: freedom, liberation, unbridled power. Records: best enjoyed in the presence of others. Celebrating their first day in business, feelings of liberation and communion filled the pleasantly cool air inside Horses Records.

This is a place I’ve been to just weeks ago to sit down with the owners and find out what they had planned for the sliver of Hastings-Sunrise real estate. And when I say sit, I mean that literally because the place was in complete disrepair. But now it’s been completely facelifted and the orange/turquoise dynamic works in this long room, shelving records alongside works of poetry and music biographies. There’s also a zine library in the back of the shop and a vending machine full of cassettes.

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The Something Club

“It’s a bit like the Wild Wild West out here. You’re kind of on your own, but you can do anything you want.”

illustrated by Britta Bacchus

illustrated by Britta Bacchus

Inside freshly painted walls, a sizable crowd congregates. Tidy, white-faced tables crafted by Ian Sandilands make practical bar stands for the beer Natasha Lands’ sponsorship connections provided. For entertainment, Genesis Mohanraj’s musical talents attract and entertain the audience. The venue’s soft opening is a perfect representation of what the Something Club is all about.

Pooling their skills for show promotion, design, visual arts, music, and performance, Lands, Mohanraj, and Sandilands have fostered a sustainable, creative economy amongst themselves. Though their partnership is small, it is an exemplary balance of resources and talents. Their new space aims to facilitate this type of artistic cooperation both within and beyond its walls.

Clean and spacious, the Something Club is a professional venue for artists to come together and build connections with other individuals, organizations, and businesses. The space is there to be one link in a larger chain; it is a facilitator of creative commerce.

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Dirty Spells

“Vibing” is a strange concept considering the backgrounds of each of the musicians involved in Dirty Spells ... It's a pedigree that, on paper, mixes like oil and water. In practice, it makes for one of the most fascinating Vancouver bands to pop up in a long time.

Dirty Spells || photo by Jon Vincent

Dirty Spells || photo by Jon Vincent

“We were eating nachos the last time you interviewed us, too.”

The last time I sat down with Dirty Spells—for the April 2012 issue of Discorder—also included that venerable staple of musicians and journalists alike. And, while the faces across from me are familiar from that meeting two years ago, the band I’m interviewing couldn’t be any more different.

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with Soupcans & Tycho Brahe
June 28 @ Pseudonym

Soupcans || photo by Jensen Gifford

Soupcans|| photo by Jensen Gifford

The last week of June has seen Vancouver happily coasting on the coattails of this year’s Sled Island festival. To the city’s benefit Montreal power-pop outfit Sheer Agony, eager Calgary psych-pop quintet Lab Coast, and Alberta fem-punkers Hag Face have all made stops within the week. Not to mention seeing once more the welcome faces of Victoria pop-punk queens Open Relationship and Fountain’s Wire-inspired methodical post-punk.

However, a visit from the highly anticipated pair of Eastern Canadian noisemakers, Soupcans and Crosss, was what I had been holding out for. Returning from Victoria’s SHAKE/arama fest, the Telephone Explosion labelmates were on the last night of their tour that began in the label’s hometown of Toronto.

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