with The Passenger, Invisible Ray
March 19 @ The Biltmore

Limblifter || photo by Kameko Walker

Limblifter || photo by Kameko Walker

It was 8 p.m. and the sky was still spackled with rays of light from the setting sun, and a light rain signalling the arrival of spring — a time of rebirth and renewal. A renewal of sorts was taking place inside the Biltmore as well, where Vancouver based alt-rock act Limblifter was set to launch their new album Pacific Milk, their first release in nearly a decade.  Read More »


Dan Mangan + Blacksmith

with Hayden and Astral Swans
March 13 @ The Vogue

Dan Mangan || by Brandon Lal

Dan Mangan || by Brandon Lal

 This past Friday at the Vogue Theatre, Dan Mangan + Blacksmith played the first of two homecoming shows, performing with a fresh surge of lifeblood flowing through every note and pristine hook they delivered.

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Sarah Davachi

with Kensington Gore
March 14 @ Fox Cabaret

Kensington Gore || photo by Josh Gabert Doyon

Kensington Gore || photo by Josh Gabert Doyon

There’s a wonderful play in Davachi’s music. It suggests the workmanlike deployment of the tools at hand (all that gear) and the focus towards sound. But that sits alongside the luxurious passages that call for a contemplative, dwelling within.  Read More »

Quiet City #16

March 13 @ Skylight Gallery

Coppice || photo by Jonathan Vincent

Coppice || photo by Jonathan Vincent

The spring equinox on March 20 marks the first day of our hemisphere’s ascent from ice, snow, and cold, but in Vancouver — where no snow fell nor ice appeared — it was easy to mistake the Friday the 13th Quiet City showcase for a symbol of ending hibernations. Featuring drone and experimental acts Ruhlmann & Clément, Phonal, Holy Hum, and Chicago-based Coppice, the evening hosted by the Skylight Gallery was as good an awakening as any astronomical event. Read More »

Shearing Pinx

People (Psychic Handshake)

shearing pinx

Noise rock miscreants Shearing Pinx are a different beast on their fourth LP, People. With the addition of S. Koke on bass and backing vocals, Nxc Hxghxs and Jerm are able to push their songwriting into different, if nonetheless uncompromising directions.

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Prehistoric (Wiener Records)


Lately, Vancouver’s music appreciators have noticed a renewed interest in ‘60s-tinged psychedelic and surfy garage rock. Prehistoric, the latest EP offering from Abbotsford’s MALK, is one of them. As the title may suggest, MALK’s sound is indebted to this ‘60s era of sound, now long past, and of this variety of retro revivalist albums, Prehistoric is one of the most inspired.

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The Cyrillic Typewriter

Best Suit (JAZ Records)


In just a few shorts years, artful indie outfit The Cyrillic Typewriter has come a long way from traditional West Coast twee to laudable endeavours into the avant-garde. Lead by Vancouver music veteran Jason Zumpano, whose name you may recognize from Destroyer and his own Zumpano project, his work as The Cyrillic Typewriter has seen him collaborate with a revolving cast of local heavyweights on four full-length albums in as many years.

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Energy Slime

New Dimensional (Mint Records)


If you happen to have a spare 13 minutes in your life and you’re looking to fill that time void with something strange to listen to, New Dimensional may be your perfect fit. Yes, it’s incredibly short in length, and so is each of the ten songs that comprise the album. This new sound from Energy Slime is a sucker-punch to the face of eclectic pseudo-psychedelic tracks that make you want to get really weird.

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Skim Milk

Skim Milk (Self-Released)


Sam Davidson, a.k.a Skim Milk, provides a stark reminder that originality can be built from a wide variety of musical influences. This self-titled release offers a multi-faceted listening experience, pulling from a multitude of genres and sounds — jazz, experimental, electronic, and hip-hop — making it a treat for anyone looking to listen to something a little different and innovative.

Skim Milk’s hooks are driven by dancing clarinet lines backed by drum samples and waves of synths, giving the album a high degree of flow from track to track. Despite running a little on the long side, the record is cohesive, original, and fresh.

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Secret Pyramid

The Silent March (Students of Decay)


Vancouver’s Amir Abbey is best understood in the painstaking devotion he takes in crafting the dense and meticulously constructed records of Secret Pyramid. His rare local performances are a fantastic look into Abbey’s world of micro-focused drone arrays and fuzzed-out ambient floods, but even these are only slight preparation for the all-encompassing blocks of sound that Secret Pyramid spends so much time constructing for recordings.

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