Owen Pallett

with Avi Buffalo & Foxes in Fiction
September 9 @ The Imperial

On September 9 at The Imperial, Foxes in Fiction delivered their opening set like a calmly taught lesson. Vocally, the songs were structured with patience and deliberation. Project-founder and guitarist, Warren Hildebrand’s lyrics floated from his lips like bubbles as each syllable arched before being rounded entirely in careful enunciation. Read More »


Prairie Cat

September 11 @ The Emerald

Dark but for a few single candles illuminating the tabletops, the Emerald’s cabaret felt intimate. The band was still doing sound check when I walked in and Cary Pratt, otherwise known as Prairie Cat and whose album release we were celebrating, greeted me graciously, shaking my hand and thanking me for coming. He was nothing short of lovely — genuine and sincere, it would be a tone set for the remainder of the evening.

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La Luz

with Les Chaussettes
September 8 @ Electric Owl

La Luz || photo by Shane Burzynski

La Luz || photo by Shane Burzynski

Hot off the heels of a successful summer — with festival dates scattered across the Pacific Northwest that included Sled Island, Sasquatch!, Bumbershoot, and Bartfest — Hardly Art darlings La Luz are showing no signs of slowing down. The Electric Owl was buzzing on September 8 as the synth-driven surf rockers prepared for the first stop on their 40-date tour that spans North America ocean-to-ocean before crossing over to Europe. Riding the wave of ‘60s surf revival, it’s no wonder local bubblegum-pop outfit Les Chaussettes were enlisted to help them kick the tour off in style.

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Hiring: Art Director

Discorder is looking to hire a new Art Director!

The Art Director is the creative head of the magazine and responsible for the layout, design, and overall look of Discorder Magazine. The Art Director reports to the Editor-In-Chief of Discorder Magazine, and works closely with other CiTR staff and volunteers. The Art Director is required to attend Discorder meetings, hold weekly office hours, and must be available the last weekend each month for production.

Job Posting – Discorder Art Director 2014

This is a demanding position that requires a serious commitment. If you’re interested, apply by sending a resume, portfolio, and a cover letter to Brenda Grunau, CiTR Station Manager, at stationmanager@citr.ca, by Tuesday, September 23. Interviews will be held on Thursday, September 25, 2014.

Tim and Eric & Dr. Steve Brule

September 7 @ Vogue Theatre

photo by Jed Weiss

photo by Jed Weiss

Every muscle flexes as your body attempts to shrivel into itself while your face contorts, trying to run away from whatever it is you just can’t stop watching. This, my friends, is what a cringe is, and if you like the excruciatingly awkward I’m-not-sure-if-that-was-supposed-to-be-funny style of humour that makes a disgustingly amazing feeling creep all over you, then the Tim and Eric with Dr. Steve Brule show on September 7 at the would of been just the show for you, ya dingus!

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Art Bergmann

with The Courtneys & CR Avery
September 6 @ Commodore Ballroom

It’s been two decades since Art Bergmann, who once fronted early Vancouver punk groups The K-Tels and Young Canadians, picked up his guitar and performed for a live audience. A kind of homegrown Lou Reed, now hidden away on a non-descript Alberta farm, Bergmann enjoyed local acclaim for his depth and poeticism but was overlooked by the masses until 1995’s What Fresh Hell Is This? earned him a Juno in Alternative Rock. Following this achievement the Sony A&R bigwigs puzzlingly cut Bergmann loose and he, along with his recordings, fell into relative obscurity.

The night’s opening act, local spoken-word artist CR Avery, pulled a meagre crowd to the front of the stage as he worked through material both new and old. He was nevertheless enthusiastic, proclaiming “My friends, we read poetry on a Saturday fuckin’ night at the Commodore,” amidst fans chanting “Art! Art! Art! Art! Art!” with one unabashedly belting out “Get off the stage… You suck!”

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Zen Mystery Fogg

Zen Mystery Fogg (Shake! Records)


Ripe with bouncy bass lines and hazy vocals, Zen Mystery Fogg’s summer 2014 seven-inch release pairs perfectly with lounging dockside or drinking at the lake. This group’s four track EP is available on a wonderfully nostalgic cassette medium or digitally via Bandcamp. Like a love child of Surfer Blood and No Age, the sound on this release is equal parts psychedelic, equal parts surf rock.

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Surprise Party

Heart of Love (Shake! Records)

Like other bands on the Shake! Records roster, Winnipeg’s Surprise Party offers a fun, fuzzed-out sound that never tires. On Heart of Love, this self-described “homoerotic goth-psych college rock boy band” offers a sublime combination of tongue-in-cheek lyrics, surf-rock riffs, and psychedelic organs that avoid being formulaic.

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Smash Boom Pow

Do You Feel? (Independent)

There’s something to be said for keeping things simple. Smash Boom Pow has proved just how great simple can be with their newest album, Do You Feel? By limiting their lineup to drums, bass, guitar, and vocals, the band — originally from Victoria but now Vancouver based — has created a record that speaks for itself. Their sound is effective and easily lends itself the band’s heavier rock foundation.

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Shamebirds (Dirt Cult Records)

It’s been two years since East Van trio, Needles//Pins, released their first full LP 12:34. In those same two years, Needles//Pins have refined their power pop punk sound while keeping their down-and-dirty, low-class charms intact.

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